Carrum, Australia
38° 4' S 145° 7' E
Nov 08, 2007 08:20
Distance 16km

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It's pronounced

Well, unfortunately Whitehorse Crescent, Fountain Lakes does not exist, but Lagoon Place in the suburb of Patterson Lakes in Kingston, Victoria does, and that is where the K&K house.

True to form, some old ladies in sun visors came out to watch and scowl while I took photos of the house. It was brilliant. "Yes, hello, why don't you take a photo, it'll last longer!". I should have taken a photo of *them*. I also spotted a Kel look-alike picking up non-existant rubbish through the rear-window so snapped him as well :D

Mandy's house truly is the superior one. And yes, the eagle-eyed will note that the house in real life does not have a fence, BUT DOES HAVE AN EXTRA GARAGE FOR THE COMMODORE!

For the record, we are now 35 kilometres from downtown Melbourne.

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[image] [image] Mandy's house The houses across the street Not rubbish day today A nobody picking up non-existent rubbish They even have the awning!