Narre Warren, Australia
38° 1' S 145° 18' E
Nov 08, 2007 07:50
Distance 38km

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Fountain Gate!

Yes - Fountain Gate exists! Although it is actually in a place called Narre Warren, and it is not the mall that they use for the "flyover" shot (although I randomly ended up there trying to find my way back into the city - yes, in Melbourne, all roads truly do lead to Westfield).

I was dissapointed to discover that the Prue and Trude store does not stock flutes in your orifice, a threw for the carch or even a Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Instead they stock their own cheap brand :(

I thought about having a stuffed avocado in the foodcourt, but then decided against it. 

I took a photo of the "Brett Craig, I can see you!" escalators just for you! And true to life, these ramps are *never* for walking on.

I was actually and sincerely surprised to see many women sporting a Kath-style crowning glory. I also passed a menswear store with a baby-blue tuxedo in the window and a "curious-looking" gentleman salesperson. Stupidly, I decided to take a photo on the way back and couldn't find it again :(

Photos / videos of "Fountain Gate!":

No walking on the escalator - ever! The Prue and Trude store - actually seems a lot smaller in real life This store also looked strikingly familiar "didn't she like the baby-blue?" Stuffed avocado or mugaccino anyone? [image] [image] [image] This is the mall they use for the "fountain gate" flyover shot