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Business-class flight home!

Well, it has been many months since I properly wrote an update on my ballordirt, or blog I guess you could call it.

I'll start from our last trip out here three months ago, which was absolutely marvelous. 10 days in the sun in North Africa, two nights in Marseilles and then a full two weeks to get some closure on last year. I will admit that it was a little bit wierd arriving at Gare de Lyon, but actually there was no drama and I felt fine.

Actually, it felt, and feels, like we never left. The two weeks flew by, and after some illness and drama with Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI who are absolute bloody arseholes and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone - it's the cheapest and there's a reason why), we arrived back in Wellington three days later than planned.

The next two months absolutely evaporated, and it seemed like we would never get everything ready for our escape - selling the car, the computer, terminating the lease, terminating the gym, power, waiting for telstra, etc etc.  Then I remembered my lessons from the last two escapes - you just have to damn it to hell and try to avoid burning as many bridges as you can. So that's what we did lol! With 108 kgs of luggage, and another 100-odd at my Mother's farm in Cambridge, New Zealand. Luckily, work weren't not that upset about my leaving...

We hadn't even decided where we were going at first, and to this day some friends are still confused about our Brussels, Paris, Montreal troika. We planned, and are still intending, on moving to Montréal. However, we got sick of waiting for the paperwork (over one year already). We then chose Brussels as it has the best career options for me and is very easy for residency reasons. However, we have come to Paris as a staging-post as there was no tenant in our place and Daniel has been offered a temporary contract which is fabulosa.

So for the record, here it is:

1. Paris (current situation). We will be here for the next three months, during which D is at the OECD again and I am prospecting for freelance work. It also turns out that I am eligible to apply for a French passport, so that is another reason to stay for a while.

2. Belgium (next arrangement). We will move out there eventually as it is a better place for me to be career-wise, unless I find something marvelous in the Hexagon. We will be living there semi-permanently.

3. Canada. Spring 2008. Those of you with a very close eye on the ball will notice that the Canada arrival has been progressively pushed back, which I HATE because I like to do something if I say I'm going to do it. The reason for this has been slower than expected bureaucracy. However, by the indications that have been given to us, we will have permanent residency by Spring at the latest. We will then move to Montreal.

4. Trans-atlantic. No time frame. Our ultimate goal is to spend part of the year in Montreal and part of the year in France. (Can you blame us with -25 degree winters?)

So there you have our current situation, in a nutshell. We have been back in our petit nid du Marais for two weeks now, and it is just lovely. I really have the impression that the last 18 months have not taken place. It's quite bizarre. New Zealand feels like a long two month holiday, rather than a (repetitive) chapter or aside in my lifestory.

xxx william

PS Does one need to sign off blog entries?

PPS Got upgraded to business class on the way home. Marvelous.