Lyttelton, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
43° 34' S 172° 41' E
Feb 22, 2007 20:18
Distance 10km

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Grainy Port Cities

    James and Carlos had been with us all of a day, Ben having arrived the week prior, when we left for our South Island expedition. While our first stop as a group of five was Christchurch on Thursday (which lead to inevitable comparisons with Newcastle, hookers and drunken rugby louts included), Lyttleton was our first "destination".

Few of you know that I have penchant for grainy port cities. The smell of the salt, the worn lumber docks, the rusty, oily old ships, the languid clanging of ropes against poles... you get the picture. I think it dates to growing up in Tauranga, before the mid-90s when became the Chintzorama that it is today. Of course, these days, I also have the secret hope of meeting a wayward and lonely sailor...

Lyttleton is the grainiest, most charming port town I have ever been to, with lovely timber cottages clutching at the Port Hills. I had taken some lovely photos on Ben's camera, but he lost it :( But I do have a few photos that I took with my lomo-esque webcam.

Photos / videos of "Grainy Port Cities":

Port Hills of LYttleton Port Hills of LYttleton Port Hills of LYttleton Port Hills of LYttleton, with Ben and the township in the background Port Hills of LYttleton