La Flotte, France
46° 11' N 1° 19' W
Sep 12, 2004 11:56
Distance 15km

Text written in: English

Ile de Re - Our Cycle Tour

Yes, that's right, once again, William Clark cycled 20 kilometres. Boy was I sore afterwards! But there's something about the sea air that just makes you feel healthy, isn't there! And when you have scenery like this to inspire you, well it's easy. Moreover the dedicated cycle lanes were incredible... and there were so many cyclists, that they have lanes painted on them, even stop and give way signs - and I had to wait at an intersection of cycle lanes for a group of cyclists to go past! It was almost like driving! (Had to be careful over taking old ladies on blind corners etc etc!)

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The Bridge from the Mainland to Ile de Ré