San Francisco, United States
37° 46' N 122° 25' W
Aug 05, 2006 03:15
Distance 10869km

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Margaritas 'N' More

I love connecting in San Francisco - we always go to the same Taco place in the Castro, and then we find a lovely margarita or several, usually at "Moby Dick's" (I know...) with our dear friend Mike. 

We were worried we weren't going to make it here as there's been some wild weather at Wellington airport lately... but it turns out that fog in Auckland was the problem! We almost jumped in the car and drove there (7-8 hours), but luckily it lifted and all was well. I managed to lose my cellphone in the taxi to WLG (first of many lost items this trip)....
San Francisco was lovely and sunny (which isn't a given even in Summer), and we felt well refreshed to continue on to Montreal.