Montreuil-sous-Bois, France
48° 51' N 2° 26' E
Jul 03, 2004 16:04
Distance 8km

Text written in: English

La Petite Couronne

Normally we wouldn't be seen dead in such a suburb, but the lure of a kind invitation to lunch and (what we assumed would be) a cheap meal out (saving money for the big day!), we decided to make the 40 minute subway ride and discover more of the Paris Region.

As far as culinary experimentation goes, Korean is pretty far out there for me, and it was a bit too spicy for my liking. But the real shock was the bill - 75 Euros for the three of us... Well I'm sorry, but isn't Asian food supposed to be cheap? And this was the suburbs after all. I might've expected to pay that "round ours" at a Japaneese restaurant, but I was left a "stunned mullet" after that bill :D Caveat emptor!

At the very least we got to see a beautiful wedding party in front of Montreuil town hall. Sigh. My turn next year!

Photos / videos of "La Petite Couronne":

Wedding at City Hall In the ghetto.... :-D