Villiers-sur-Marne, France
48° 49' N 2° 32' E
Jun 29, 2004 15:38
Distance 17km

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IKEA - Our Eldorado

Courtney generously offered our wedding present early, a new couch! :-D there's been one we've had our eyes on for a while at IKEA, so off we went, to go and arrange the delivery etc etc ... This also allowed for an expedition into the deepest suburbs, a veritable anthropological and ontologically-confusing experience. 'Depaysement' is the french term (confusion and angst from being separated from ones habitual surroundings)

Photos / videos of "IKEA - Our Eldorado":

Waiting for the bus... The mythical "Hunter's Cafe" Waiting for the bus... Waiting for the bus... After an hour on the train, 15 mins on the bus, Ikea appears in the distance like a modern-day Aladdins cave