Chiswick, United Kingdom
51° 29' N 0° 16' W
Oct 16, 2001 14:46
Distance 0km

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Well after a big weekend running around the country side I finally decided to go and get some Helium and inflate the TriTurbofan Flying Blimp I purchased for myself last Christmas...

It has sat in a box for the past 10 months.. typical.. such a good christmas I wasn't able to open my presents... but eventually I got my ass together and went and got the Helium.

So here is... the one.. the only (well I am sure there are a lot of others out there).. Geralds Blimp!

Photos / videos of "Airship":

Got the bottle of Helium.. now to start the inflation... Almost there.. The MAGNIFICENT machine.. took about 3 mins... + 10 months Upstairs.. and then into the rafters for hovering practice.. Once I had hovering sorted (about 5 mins) it was time for the first landing..