Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Feb 07, 2005 19:34
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So, rockin Rio! Up until yesterday Rio seriously wasn´t rockin. It rained all week. We spent the days walking through Ipanema and Copacabana. Bit of shopping here and there and that was pretty much it. At night there have been street parades and parties so we´d join in.

We are staying in Ipanema which is an amazing resort style area. In the back streets it feels like you are walking through a rain forest and then when you hit the beach, it becomes almost a picture perfect postcard. Palm trees, mountains, islands, sand and lotsa naked bodies. Yumo! It is at this point that I have to mention that the images of brasilians on the sand with g-string bikini´s are really only that.... there are very few ladies exposing their butts. This is a judgement made only on the two beach days that we have had, this could change! Ipanema is also gay central. I think it could well be gayer than Sydney! Angela has spent the last week drooling over all the gay guys in their swimmers - and they walk the streets like this too - and getting very frustrated at the fact that she can only window shop and never buy.

The food is amazing. We found a chicken place called Gallitos Grill that serves better chicken than Oporto or Petersham Charcoal chicken (Australian portuguese chicken shops for those of you not from OZ). One of the waiters already knows us and makes sure we are looked after quick smart when we get there which is a bonus as people sometimes wait 30 mins for a table. Last night our waiter friend got us the next available table in front of all these other people but no-one seemed to care!

Adrian was supposed to meet up with us on Thursday but missed his flight from Cusco so only arrived yesterday afternoon. As soon as he arrived we hit the beach to find they had closed it off for the biggest street parade for Ipanema of the year.... thousands upon thousands of people following a truck with a live samba band.... it was phenominal. At one moment I remember enjoying myself so much that I realised what all the hype about Brazil was about... when its party time, there is no place like here.

There is also a Copeira group that we´ve seen a few times in the streets. They are more acrobatic than those we see in Sydney and they really push themselves every time we have seen them. Two nights ago they made everyone in the street come to a standstill while one of them did a triple quadriple quintwhatever jump it was, over a 2 meter high rope. When they guy had done it successfully, the rest of the group jumped all over him kind of like what soccer players do when one scores a goal. Seeing the pride in themselves and each other and how much they love doing what they do makes you very generous! I´ve lost track of how much I have given them. I know, I´ve been conned! But I don´t really care. We have photos and video footage for memories.

Spent last night down the road at an outdoor party. Adrian I got extremely drunk. I remember tumbling through the door - not sure of what time it was - and not much else. The Favela brazilians buy cases of Skol beer from the supermarkets for about R$15 for 24 cans and sell them on the streets for like R$2 each. That´s AUD$1 per can! Now can you understand why I was wasted last night!!!

Bought some Capoeira pants, some awesome Amazon themed Havaianna thongs (not sure if they sell these in Canada/England but in Sydney the standard colours cost about AUD$20 and you get them here for like AUD$5 or something ridiculously cheap like that; and they are thongs that you wear on your feet not on your genitalia) and some sarings but not much else.

Tonight we are heading to the Sambadromo which is were the Samba schools parade down the strip all competing for the title of best school. Tickets cost us about AUD$240 each but it is sure to be a spectacular thing to see.

In the meantime, enjoy la photos and I´ll try adding another entry before we leave Brazil.

In terms of juice/goss...... what goes on tour stays on tour peeps ;)

Photos / videos of "Rio":

Accross the lake, the clouds come down so low. It´s beautiful. Streets of Ipanema Ipanema beach and some hot guy that was standing there that Ange wanted a pic of. Ipanema......... again Beach in cloudy weather Golden photo opportunity... favela kids at the beach