Cancún, Mexico
21° 9' N 86° 50' W
Jun 07, 2005 00:02
Distance 1285km

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My arrival in Cancun wasn’t the greatest start to a trip to Mexico. I had been travelling since 4am, arrived at the airport around 3pm, only to find that American Airlines had managed to lose my bag. Great! My first trip with them my bag got broken into (and I still haven’t had a response to my complaint) and then they loose the bag completely! I finally got it back at midnight but not before I had to go back to the airport and give them my hotel address because the telephone number they gave me was engaged every time I rang over a 2 hour period!

Cancun itself is far too touristy for me – it’s very Americanised with lots of big designer shopping malls and a MacDonalds on every corner! It has however got access to all the main Mayan sites in the Yucatan Peninsula.

It also has Shotover Jet which is a jet powered boat that you can take a trip around the lagoon in. It’s no ordinary boat trip though. I had already experienced the Shotover Jet in Fiji and I can only describe it as rally driving but on water! Its great fun – the driver takes you at high speed towards stationary objects, only to swerve past them at the last minute. He also does lots of spins which get you absolutely drenched! There are only 4 places in the World that offer the Shotover experience (although there are jet boats all over the place now) – Fiji, Mexico and New Zealand. So I only have New Zealand to tick off the list now!

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