Foz de Iguassu, Brazil
25° 32' S 54° 34' W
Feb 12, 2005 17:56
Distance 595km

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The Iguacu Falls

Foz is the closest town to the famous Iguacu Falls. The falls straddle Brazil and Argentina and consist of over 270 separate waterfalls. I don't think there are enough words to describe them when you first catch sight of them –stunning, awesome, spectacular, deafening (when you get right up to The Devil´s Throat) all apply. We visited both sides of the falls – on the Brazilian side I took a helicopter flight (my first ever!) over the top. The views were fabulous and you get a real sense of the size of them. On the Argentinian side I took a boat ride right up to one of the slightly smaller falls and got an absolute soaking. That was actually quite nice as temperatures were in the 30s! I´m not sure how many photos I took but there seemed to be a photo opportunity around every corner that was even better than the last.

Photos / videos of "The Iguacu Falls":

The helicopter that flew us over the falls A view of the river that feeds the falls (from the helicopter) The falls from the air The falls from the air The falls from the air Racoon type animals that will pinch your lunch given the chance! The Brazilian side of the falls Me looking very sexy - NOT!!! The Devil´s Throat A lizard - it is there - honest! A rainbow across one of the falls