Rockhampton, Australia
23° 22' S 150° 30' E
Oct 01, 2005 02:54
Distance 312km

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Disaster strikes

The Gecko didn't make it. On a routine stop off to take a picture of the big crab, it refused to start again. Just nothing. Armed with his new found mechanical skills taught to him by Joe and Ken, Allan went to work with no success what so ever. Luckly 2 Aussie dudes came along and offered their help, still nothing. As a last resort we tried to push start it, this worked and we where on the road again, but unable to stop. We decided to try and get it fixed in Rockhampton, which took a while as most garages were busy. eventually we found Geoff's auto electric's. The were very busy too but after some smooth talking Geoff agreed to have a look if Allan took the starter motor off!?! As it turned out Geoff age 80 and Arthur his assistant age 90!!!! were very cool dudes and spent a couple of hours refurbing the Gecko's starter motor. This put us in Rockhampton for the night. We spent some time buying some gifts for the Gecko, some new oil, a battery charger (just in case) and some new seat covers. We hope this will keep her happy for a while. In return we treated ourselves to a nice pie floater meal and a few beers at the Criterion Hotel, which is the first proper Aussie place we have been in with no poke (gambling) machines in sight, bonus!

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Criterion Hotel, Rockhampton, good for a beer and food, with no Pokies!!! Big Toad, Bowen Claire's first drive, in Rockie camp site Channel 7 sign, Rockie In the Tropics, Rockie Big Bull, Rockie Big Crab, where we broke down Big Ned Kelly, Maryborough