Bangalore, India
12° 59' N 77° 35' E
Jan 16, 2005 17:10
Distance 289km

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The Rickshaw Incident

Rule 1 of travelling: Do not listen to your fellow travellers. Their advice can sometimes be rubbish. We listened to Simon, a nice Swedish guy we met in Hampi. He told us of a place to stay near the train station that was "nice and you got a feel of real India." Too real for us actually, with the constant noise and being the only westerners in sight. We should have gone to MG road where all the other travellers hang out. Still we got on with our lot. We went to the horse racing. We won one out of six races. Claire's "I like the name method," failed miserably. But to be fair Allan's "lets ask a punter for a tip method," didn't produce the prefered results either. Still it was Claire's fault we lost 400 rupees (about a fiver)! After a good day at the gee gees, we decided to hit MG road to watch a movie. And so began the rickshaw affair. This git persisted on taking us to a shop (a common request), even when we said no. He got annoyed when we only stayed for 30 seconds, and ended up dropping us off in the middle of nowhere. We walked the 2km to MG road and had a good time looking around the shops. Allan rewarded himself for saving all those lives in Goa and losing his oakleys in the proccess, by buying a pair of Ray Bans. This eased the anger of the rickshaw incident, but didn't fully erase it. A beer in a western style bar went some way to erradicating the memory. Then a pizza at pizza hut, completed the recovery. We even saw the U21 England cricket team, but this had no effect. Fully recovered from the rickshaw confrontation, we headed out into the night to head back to our distant lodgings. Whence we discovered not only is it noisy, its miles from MG road and no-one wanted to take us. We then enter into the rickshaw debacle ptII, when this litle git decides he doesn't know where the train station is and its too far and he wants more money. We stay quiet and eventually he takes us to where we want to go. Buses from now on! Next day we head over to the botanical gardens, have a nice thali for lunch and only 15 R each, a bargain. The gardens are nice and relaxing. Outside is chaos. We see an old guy knocked off his bike, and struggle to find our bus at the city market amongst the seemingly hundreds there. Its time to get out of the city and we leave on the bus for Mysore at 7.30 next morning.

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SC Road, our noisy home Tipster (inside info) We won!