Barcelona, Spain
41° 23' N 2° 11' E
Feb 25, 2005 05:10
Distance 35km

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Barcelooooona. Let the walking marathon begin.

Got a full day here so we're gonna make the most of it. Will most likely be unable to walk by the time we get home but you get that.

Got into Barcelona after buying our bargain all day ticket for the public transport. Only 9.60 euro to get lost as much as we want.
First stop was Gaudi church/bizarre building. It was an amazing sight even though it was crawling with thousands of tourists.
It took us a little while to negotiate the metro system which gave us the shits a bit cause it kept declining our ticket and beeping at us. Once sorted we were again on our way to check out La Rambla and various other touristy places.
Lots of dodgy suspicious looking characters about but we were on our best paranoia alert so we were fine.

All in all, we loved Barcelona. Liked it more than Madrid and wish we could have spent more time here instead. Anyhow, it's back to Ozzy to get ready for our trip to Andorra tomorrow. Shouldn't take us too long to get there just hope the weather holds out and we get no snow. Snow means no go.

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