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Sep 21, 2003 17:27
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Sunday - Andechs Monastery and more Oktoberfest

Photos / videos of "Sunday - Andechs Monastery and more Oktoberfest":

Cassandra and Liz - self portrait at Andechs Monastery The pink egg is discovered at the Monastery Lunch at Andechs Liz tries to fit it all in her mouth Out in the German countryside Liz checking out the scenery Liz with our new friends Eggy and Cheesy Sting gives the big raspberry Back for more Oktoberfest action Johhny and Eggy get into some Schnapps Fellow PP punters getting involved at a Schnapps stall Eggy prepares to stage-dive - then thinks better of it Those steins will put hair on ya chest Si Eggy and Cheesy drank him under the table That egg turns up where you'd least expect Nice hat Cass Like many of us, Eggy got pretty smashed at Lowenbrau that night. R.I.P. Prost!