Nelson, New Zealand (Aotearoa)
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Jan 28, 2005 21:12
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Birthday Boy

Well I was up fairly early this morning with not too much of a bad head although I know I need to get some more liquid inside me and rehydrate myself a little more!

Last night was a lot tamer than the night before and surprisingly a lot quieter considering it was the last friday in the month. I ended up going out with John & Jurgen for a few beers after having a few drinks in the hostel bar which I must say is in the top 2 hostels I've stayed in to date.....Trafalgar Square hostel for anyone coming to Nelson!

At the moment I'm churning through over 30 emails I've been sent since yesterday trying to reply to them all before I run a few errands in town. I'm then going to visit Robin's mum before hitting the road.......