Kalambáka, Greece
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Apr 19, 2005 17:14
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Today our bus took us to the top of Meteora and we visited the Monastary of Varkam and then the Monastary of St Stephen. Meteora was really interesting because you're so high up and the only thing on top of the rock cliff formations are the monastaries. I learned that the nuns who were there had formal education, meaning that mostly all of them had been through university education. They chose to become a Greek Orthodox nun even after their education. Alot of times, people think that it's the uneducated who go into the monkhood/convents but these people had received a good education.
(On a Hollywood side note-One of the monastaries had been filmed in one of the James Bond movies!)

While we were at Meteora, a French lady fell down some stairs and had to be taken to the hospital. She was on our tour bus so we stayed a couple extra hours at Meteora without our guide. Our guide had to accompany the injured woman. When it was time to leave, we stopped by the hospital to pick up the lady and then it was a good five hour drive back to Athens.

Once we got back to Athens, I went for a walk by myself around the city center and picked up dinner. Then I headed back to the hostel and hung out with some people there. Louise had gone out to dinner with the New Zealand guys who were on our bus tour to Meteora.