London, United Kingdom
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Aug 28, 2004 18:20
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Londons Calling

Yay in London! We're staying with Martyn's friend Chris at his flat in Grenich. Him and his girlfriend Tamiel took us around the sights of London-Buckingham palace, Grenich village,Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye and National Portrait Galley. Also went out for lunch and saw the show Stomp- a percussion performance where they used all sorts of everday items like brooms, matchboxes, metal drums, water etc to make music and beats. Had a drink at a riverside restaurant which overlooked the London eye and the river Thames. Very London darlings!

Photos / videos of "Londons Calling":

boat me overlooking london in Grenich View of London Dinner before the show-Tameil and Christ (left) Martyn, Astrid and Me (right) West End Stomp Stage (we couldnt take photos of the performance) Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square Random sculputre thingee with me and Astrid inside! Big Ben Buckingham Palace Gates Me :) Me and Buckingham Palace Palace Guard with fuzzy hat Me at the palace me and Astrid at the palace Me London Street (note the double deckers hehe)