Sucre, Bolivia
19° 2' S 65° 15' W
Mar 04, 2005 15:04
Distance 208km

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Managed to arrive in Sucre on one of the last buses before the road blockades started. There is now no way out of Sucre and as there are three different political causes behind the blockades its likely that all of these must be resolved before the roads will reopen. So at the moment I (along with every other gringo in town) am just waiting...and hoping...for the roads to open soon - fingers crossed! In the meantime I`ve been entertaining myself by:
*Seeing some dinosaur tracks
*Visiting the Recoleta monastary
*Going to the childrens museum - lots of interactive toys!
*Eating lots of fruit salad from the market - delish and only 20p!
*Spending an unhealthy amount of time on the internet

Watch this space for more exciting updates!

Photos / videos of "Bloqueos":

Ida with one of the famous fruit salads The Dino truck experience - obviously the explanation was extremely complex! Dinosaur tracks Sundrying tomatos A street kid having a well deserved rest from begging for his next meal