Tallahassee, United States
30° 26' N 84° 16' W
Oct 23, 2004 03:35
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again, i feel it has been left to me to record our events from the past few days (olly adn ted are emailing, only about 20 mins til we get kicked off the computers.) however, i may be wrong and they may add later.
as you can see from the map (unless you are stupid) we are in tallahassee which is the capital of florida, very unexciting. it is pretty small for a capital city, lots of surburan areas.
we got here late last night after driving, seems to be something of a routine now, and as usual had difficultly in finding anywhere to sleep. however, we managed to find a dark car park in a dentists'. in many ways we succeeded in that we weren't thrown out straight away but rather got the pleasure of being woken up at 7.45 by a knock at our window. as its hot and muggy here, we have pretty much all taken to wearing very little when we sleep (olly sometimes nothing, quite the wake up call) and no blankets. this must have been quite the site for the lady who woke us. anyway, we moved as told, olly drove, still half asleep, missed the turning about 3 times drove literally about 5times as far as we needed to! we then went for coffee. laundry next. after this we got lost for 2 hours while trying to find a museum, our exercise for the day, now we're in the first free internet place so far, the wonders in florida!
oh and the petrol prices in the state suck.

Thanks Ed, for everything.
It's hard to concentrate cos I reek so badly, so forgive anything I write that doesn't exactly fit - this is acutall a modified email I sent to Til. It's only been four days without a shower and I'm well on the way to Kulgan territory - Ella needs to give him less of a hard time.

That's cool about Charleston. We didn't really do any history stuff there. We read in Lonely Planet (our bible, so thank mum) about its importance, but all the houses and stuff cost a bomb. Now it's a very public school feeling place - rich kids and greys - with large ghetto kind of areas outside the 'historic centre' full of poor black people.

Savannah was cooler in my opinion - not in temperature though. It was about 80 degrees at 9 in the morning and was properly heavy all day. I really couldn't cope with it at all and it was said to be mild that day (I really am mum's son). Since Savannah, we've been to a swamp park called 'Okefenokee' in Georgia (saw some 'gators up close in our canoe) and headed here to Tallahassee via Thomasville.

We saw a great oak in Thomasville which was fucking enormous. It has a 24 foot circumferance and its branches spread - supported by steel girders - over three roads. It's also got a plaque certifying it as at least as old as the American constitution (signed in 1787 in case you didn't know).

We slept in a dentist's car park last night and got chucked out early this morning by some annoying bitch, but we have sampled the best food since we've been in America at 'The International House of Food'. It's a Middle-Eastern deli/eatery and we all had our first good, wholesome meal for a while, which didn't contain copious amounts of grease, fake meat, fake cheese and the normal huge helping of bread that we tend to live on. I also had the best dessert I've had for a while called 'Bak lava', which was layers of filo pastry (tricky to make I've heard), cinnamon, syrupy caramel and pecan nuts. Truly indulgent, but exactly what we needed after a misguided two hour walk around town just before hand. [Ed missed the food experience out, which disappoints me greatly]

Ed is an avid pupil of mine, though I don't think he knows he's my pupil. We're talking chess here, so there may be many scoffs going along to this paragraph from those who know my true skill level, but it's true - he learns from his and my mistakes and I revel in the ego-boosting victories I could never hope to achieve against grand masters like J.P and B.C (they know who they are and will appreciate the anonymity I'm giving them)

Peace pit