Santa Eulalia, Peru
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Sep 26, 2004 21:16
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Yes....I am still alive :-)

However, can anyone remind me what a hot shower is like? If there is any one thing that I miss the most is that.....and the sauna at Fike.

Well, we have completed our first week of training, which proved to be quite intensize to say the least. We are at the trainging site from 8-5 Monday thru Friday, with an hour for lunch (actually 30 minutes because it takes 15 minutes to walk home), and 8-12 on Saturday. I am in the Intermediate-Mid language level class with 4 others, which is the level of Spanish required to become a volunteer. There are several lower classes and a couple of higher ones. We are usually in our language class for 4-5 hours per day. I really believe that I have spoken more Spanish in the past week than in all the classes I had at Clemson and in Spain combined! Other training includes small business, community development, medical, and gardening techniques.

I went to Lima yesterday with my family for a 1 year olds birthday party. I really do not see any need to go there again unless I am going to the airport. Nothing really caught my eye and it is less developed than I thought it might be compared to the many other capital cities I have been in around the world.

So all will see photos soon. My parents are sending me a package sometime in the coming when I get it I will be able to grace your eyes with what I am seeing here.

Well...I am going to wrap it up for now. We all have two mini projects to start working on this week in addition to language exercises. I do not think anyone here is at a loss for stuff to do, if it is only homework.

So...if you all keep reading...I will keep it coming...

hasta luego,

Terry / JR