Chulucanas, Peru
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Jul 29, 2006 06:39
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28 de Julio

Today was Fiestas Patrias, the Peruvian Independence Day, which this year also brought a change of government here in Peru, most notably the change of Presidents.  Toledo has left the building and in his shoes comes Garcia, who was president of Peru for 5 years in the 1980's.  There is much speculation about how Garcia will manage this term in office, however all hopes are for the best.  

I took a few pictures earlier today of what caught my attention more than most things here.  The patriotic act of hanging flags for the occasion.  See if you can make out the red and white in these photos.  None of these colors are normally seen from my roof, but today marked a change in history here.


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Photos / videos of "28 de Julio":

Above the houses. By the bus station. Between the trees. In the distance. Hanging by the satelite. Above a school. Just across the street.