Chulucanas, Peru
5° 5' S 79° 35' W
Feb 16, 2006 20:49
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Who would have thought?

Well, amazingly here in Chulucanas we have had about 2 weeks of good rain, usually in the evenings for 30min. to a couple of hours.  So.....yes, here is proof that there are green things down here where I live!!   Compare the pictures from the last entry from 3 weeks ago with today's pictures.  Quite a difference no?

take it easy, 


Photos / videos of "Who would have thought?":

Cerro Nananique all nice and green with the Andees in the background. A better view of the cerro........nice and green! This is what I see..... This is too amazing.... The left side of the bridge. Yes, there really is water in the river! Some folks cooling off and probably bathing in the river. Cerro Vicus in the distance Enjoy it while you can! The banks are green.... Did I mention that this is amazing? Smile!! A guy crossing the bridge At least now there is something to measure under the bridge! Flowing right along Things look different......except for the trash.... Believe it or not Crossing the old bridge hasn't changed too much over the years. Cerro Vicus Coming in from the campo The road back into Chulucanas.......if you look closely you can see the mountains in the distance And once more in black and white