Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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Oct 22, 2004 17:23
Distance 67km

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Edinburgh is great - we love it lots!!!

We left Glasgow this morning on our super expensive bus trip to Edinburgh. £1.00 each..... Amazing, this would have to be one of the best deals we've come across so far. For anyone travelling in Scotland, book online with Citylink or Megabus and you can score £1.00 fares pretty much all over the place. Very happy about that one.

Anyhow, Michelle left work early and met us at the bus stop. We then headed off into town to see Edinburgh Castle. This place is so beautiful, I just love it. We haven't actually gone in and seen the castle yet, probably do that in the next couple of days. We are off to Sterling Castle tomorrow first. Looking forward to what will most likely be the start of the "Castle Marathon"

Have taken lots of photos already and we've only been here one afternoon. The Royal Mile is in the old part of town and it is just chockers with old beautiful buildings and churches. If I've said, "Oh look at that" once I've said it a thousand times. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Scottish people are so nice in comparison to some of the places we've been.

We went into a Scotch Whiskey shop today. I got a little lightheaded from all the excitement. There was a bottle for sale in there for £10000. We even have a photo to prove that one.
I think I'll be happy with my little $5.00 bottle of Chivas I picked up Duty Free.

Saw the Scott Monument as well. Very impressive. Got lots of photos of that one. Anyhow we're most likely off to the pub now for a wee whiskey or two before heading home to get ready for the Sterling Castle adventure tomorrow.

BTW Loch Lomond was nice once we found it.

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The Scott Monument, Edinburgh Michelle and Michaela, The Scott Monument, Edinburgh A real Scotsman and bagpipes Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh North Bridge, Edinburgh Royal Mile, Edinburgh Edinburgh Michaela and Michael hiding down a laneway Royal Mile, Edinburgh Michael and Michaela at Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Michelle and Michael, Edinburgh Castle carpark Edinburgh Edinburgh Royal Mile, Edinburgh Won't it just,!!!  Royal Mile, Edinburgh The Scott Monuement Gerrys Sandwich Bar £10000 Scotch - oh my gawd!!!! Michaela and Michelle at Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle