Kraków, Poland
51° 44' N 18° 30' E
Jul 04, 2005 14:50
Distance 436km

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Happy 4th of July!

Tamas, Agnes, and I drove from Miskolc to the border with Slovakia, through Slovakia, to another border with Poland, and finally to Krakow. It was very exciting for me to go on a road trip through these countries and cross the border by car with two Hungarians. Border patrol probably wondered what was going on.

We went back to my flat (Tamas's old home), and he and Agnes stayed there for the night. We had enough time to eat some food before searching for the trainees who were celebrating the 4th of July by having a BBQ on top of a cliff near the lake near Kapelanka. Great view of the city and plenty of fellowship. Again, I found it amusing that the two Japanese trainees were tending the grill at this American function. We even had a few fireworks. :) Good times. And it was really nice to have a semi-reunion of old trainees (Tamas and Markus were back in town).