Ciudad del Este, Paraguay
25° 30' S 54° 36' W
Nov 29, 2002 14:00
Distance 5km

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Ripped off at the Tax free markets

Finally left Spanish speaking territory to cross over to Brazil. sigh

In my youth hostel I met a lovely Columbian girl, Marcela , who spoke very little English - which was perfect for me !! I could practise my Spanish.

She kindly cooked me dinner (what ? cook ? I forgot people still did that sort of thing)

The following day we headed out to Paraguay to the Cite del Este to buy some electronic goods and got caught in a massive traffic jam. Paraguay is know for its cheap "tax free" deals and markets. I was keen to cross the river to the third country in the vicinity of the falls.

Marcela almost bought a Sony digital camera for $200 including 128 Memory card but she got nervous when they tried to explain to her how the Olympic was much better. (not !!) I instead wanted to find a replacement for my camera and tried to find the exact match.. however the sales people were quite sneaky and I walked off with a Nikon instead for only $200 - hmm.. not sure if it is such a good deal after all.. but I might just resell it.

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