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Aug 15, 2004 00:17
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Lima (14 August 2004)

Finally time to see old Lima. The shower was almost acceptably warm but not yet. The weather was still awfully depressing. Grey haze, no sunshine and about 17 degrees. After an empanada breakfast which tasted nice I took a random bus which I thought would get me downtown. I could have asked of course but decided to see where I would end up, probably seeing some more depressing neighbourhoods haha.

The bus took more than half an hour but finally got me in the grey heart of the uglies capital on the continent. I got of near Parque de la Exposicion which the Museo de Arte in it that charged a rip off price of 12 soles (locals pay 6 soles), so I felt as if I am not a human being and told the ticket office that I would sue them for discrimination and I boycotted the museum.

After a VERY nice chicken lunch I continued to the Plaza de San Martin which probably looked nice if it was not for the grey climate here. Of course San Martin himself was on his horse on a huge statue overlooking the dreadful plaza. I delivered another roll of film to test the quality there as I still had 12 rolls to develop. They could not have the cd ready until monday however, so I decided to print the film and pick that up later and if the quality was good they could develop my 12 other rolls as well.

In the meantime I visited the Plaza de Armas with the beautiful Cathedral on it. The pleasure was ruined a bit by the fact that the August tourist brochure said entrance was 5 soles but when I entered it was 10 soles. 10 soles was really too much for a cathedral but you can not boycot everything. It is one of the highlights in Lima so I had better see some of them.

The Cathedral was from 1555 but has been rebuilt after some earthquakes, most recently in 1746. The chapel of conquistador Francisco Pizarro and founder of Lima was beautifully decorated with great coloured mosaics. The coffin with the dead body of the man was also there. The wooden choir was an impressive carving and behind the Cathedral was a small museum which was very impressive, almost returning my depressed and grumpy mood to normal.

The nearby Monasterio de San Francisco was definitely worth a visit. The huge building is a couple of hundred tears old and has beautiful paintings and murals around the tiled courtyard. The library had thousands of books dating back to the 17th century but of course the real highlight was were the famous catacombs, an obscure and extensive place beneath the monastery holding the remains of approximately 70.000 people. Bones and skulls were displayed in graves and in an old well in sick patterns as if it was art. It reminded me of the skulls I had seen in the caves in Battambang, Cambodia, although the deaths here are caused by slightly more natural causes.

After I had seen the monastery, which entry was only 5 soles and included an excellent guided tour in English I picked up my photos at the photoshop. They were good quality, but when I wanted to hand over the other 12 rolls they wanted a deposit of 25% of the costs, as if I was nog going to pick up my photos. Unbelievable. I did not have that much money on me so I could not develop them. I will do it in Cusco.

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