Córdoba, Argentina
31° 23' S 64° 11' W
Sep 13, 2004 16:18
Distance 747km

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Cordoba, such a nice sunny name that makes me smile. And what a surprisingly beautiful city it is! I found a nice hotel just behind the bus terminal as I do not want to carry all my luggage any further anymore now. After having shopped in Bolivia it gets heavier and heavier. Time to get rid of some stuff. And time to do more shopping. Cordoba must be the shopping city of Argentina. Great shops and excellent prices. I bought 3 new jeans, and two shirts between sightseeing in the old historic centre with so many colonial buildings.

What a great atmosphere. Too bad I was so tired because of chatting with friends all night that slept away the whole day. 16:00 is quite late to get out of bed. Not much time left to see something haha. Shame on me!