Taganga, Colombia
11° 15' N 74° 11' W
Jul 08, 2004 02:17
Distance 214km

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Taganga (7 July 2004)

Because it had taken all day to get my passport fixed at the border I did not have time to visit the Tayrona National Park which was the plan. I can not afford staying one day longer all the time, otherwise I will never make it in time to Santiago. It is still a long way to go to Chile through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Ecuador.

However, I did want to see a little bit more than Santa Marta and decided that a short morning trip to Taganga would have to do. Taganga is only about 5 kilometers north of Santa Marta and easily reached with one of those over crowded busitas that run between the two. The trip cost just 750 Pesos and takes about 20 minutes or so. Taganga is situated in a beautiful bay, just around the corner of a headland that just out in the sea east of Santa Marta. It is a small tourist village but fairly quiet. It has a few diving schools and lots of noisy bars and restaurants along the waterfront. Just around the corner north of Taganga, around another headland, is a beautiful small beach, Playa Grande. You can get there by boat or a very hot 20 minute walk. I decided to do the walk as it provided more views from above. It was hot indeed. When I left Santa Marta at 9:00 AM it was 32 degrees already!

The beach as quite busy and boats arrived and left every five minutes with new swimmers. It was surprisingly busy actually for a weekday. I just had a drink and walked back through the noisy village where speakers were blasting music way too loud. There was not too much to see in the small fishing town but the mirador (look out point) on the road to Santa Marta had nice views and now I was not in the busita I could take some photos of the beautiful bay. I flagged down a busita to Santa Marta, where I had a huge hamburger lunch before ordering a taxi to the bus terminal. Cartagena here I come.