Porlamar, Venezuela
10° 56' N 63° 50' W
Jun 17, 2004 01:04
Distance 18km

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Picking up the parents (16 June 2004)

My parents would arrive at 11:50 at the airport of Isla de Margarita, about 20 km west from Porlamar. First I had to find a nice folder to put in my freshly printed excursion brochure. That took more than an hour and I was just in time back at the hotel. I went to Hotel Maria Louisa hoping to get a free lift from the Dutch tour operator that would drop off the passengers that were going back to the airport and pick up the new ones, including my parents.

The airport was small but new. Not many facilities though. One small snack corner, one money changer and ehhh, well that was it actually.The flight arrived on time but it took ages for m parents to be processes at immigration. Maybe they were not allowed in haha. The luggage also took ages and my parentsĀ“ suitcase was one of the last to arrive. This made them nervous as the last times they visited me they lost all their suitcases on the way back from New Zealand to The Netherlands.

It was nice to see them again after 13 months and a week. We id not have too much to talk about as we are keeping in touch via email. They were pleased to see me at the airport and I was happy to see them again after such a long time. Back in their hotel they checked in and we had a drink in the garden of my hotel which was two doors away on the same street. later that afternoon we had the worst welcome speech ever held by a hostess. It took 59 minutes and was way too detailed and too long, especially if you have just flown about 10 hours! It was obviously aimed at first time travelers.

After my parents had unpacked and tested the small but warm swimming pool we went to town for dinner. This was the part I had not prepared and of course you can not fnd any decent restaurant when you want one. It took more than an hour, despite the fact that I had promised that we would not walk to far. The restaurant however was very cold, because of the VERY efficient airconditioning but that was actually a nice change from the baking heath outside. It was way over 30 degrees and quite a change for my parents who left The Netherlands with at least ten degrees less on the thermometer. Dinner was nice and incredibly cheap as we went to a non-tourist place also visited by locals. Nice.