Boa Vista, Brazil
2° 48' N 60° 40' W
Jun 10, 2004 23:59
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Boa Vista (10 - 11 June 2004)

Printing 580 photos did not take so long. However getting them scanned was another story. The photos would be ready 9:00 AM, well in time for me catching the 14:00 bus I thought. However it took until 17:00 until the poor guy had scanned all of them. He even had to stay open longer because it was a holiday and they normally would close at noon. It forced me to stay another day in Brazil. On the last day, when I had to pay for the photos, I found out that I could pay with my normal bank card! I had never tried before because I thought it was not possible. This time I had accidentally given the wrong card, so I tried to enter my pin number and waited what was going to happen. It was accepted! Amazing technology! That evening put the first 50 pics on my website, to show the world the beauties of Brazil.

The following morning I checked out at 11:00 and took a taxi to the bus station after I had bought a very nice brown bread and cheese for lunch at the supermarket. It was good that I was early as the bus did not lave at 14:00 as I thought, but at 13:00. R14,50 would take me to the border with Venezuela. The drive was beautiful and we drove through many Indian Reserves which you are not allowed to enter without special permits. The closer we got to the border the more dramatic the scenery became. From rolling savannas it became mountainous and green. It was a spectacular end of a huge country that I had traversed in just over 2 months and I was happy to leave now, looking forward to the hidden secrets of exotic Venezuela.