Lethem, Guyana
3° 22' N 59° 47' W
Jun 08, 2004 00:57
Distance 98km

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To Lethem (7 June 2004)

Buses came through three times a week and on those days Colin had to get up at 2:00 AM to serve food and drinks to the passengers of the bus that left Lethem at midnight. lethem was only 2 hours away said Colin and not 6 like the office in Georgetown had told me. Excellent. The bus from Georgetown arrived at 11:30, on time. They had not had breakdowns at all. It was the same bus I was on on Friday, the one that had to go back to Georgetown for repairs. It was all fixed of course. I thanked Colin for the good services and bought an extra three of those great home made cake buns for on the road. I really can recommend to get of the bus at this place for a few days if you travel from Georgetown to Lethem or vice versa.

The trip took just over two hours, just like Colin had said. Well Colin is not a real Guyanese so I could have known that it was accurate. There were no villages between Annai and Lethem, just about 3 farm houses in the far distance. The road was in very good shape. The scenery was the same, never ending savanna. The longer it takes them more beautiful it gets though. It is just the remoteness of the area that starts working on your mind. Fantastic trip.

Weather had been good too, until we entered Lethem. It started raining like hell the minute we had to get off the bus at a small house without any signs, somwhere in the middle of town. It happened to be the immigration office! It looked more like as if some local did the stamping for fun in his house. I started making the usual scene by giving stupid answersv to stupid questions on the form. It was raining, so we had to wait anyway. Time for some fun.

When the rain eased a bit the ten or so of us got in the back of a pick up truck for the 1 km to the river. The river was not as it was mentioned in the book. It said that you could either wade the river or take a canoe across. Well, wading was out of the question as it was a wide river. The boat trip took 5 minutes and cost 200 Guyanese dollars. They are constructing a bridge across the border river but the project had stopped because of lack of funds. Some locals told me that the bridge should be ready at the end of this year. With the crossing came an end to my visit to Guyana which had been very beautiful. Near the border with Brasil we had a last spectacular view over the Kanuku Mountain ranges with the mysterious clouds around it. Tops of just over 2000 meters only, but it looked like the Himalaya as the rose from sea level.