Paramaribo, Suriname
5° 50' N 55° 10' W
May 23, 2004 23:51
Distance 143km

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Paramaribo (part II) (23 - 26 May 2004)

Back in Paramaribo I checked in the same guesthouse I was before I left. I was lucky they had a room as I had not made a reservation and the place only has five rooms.

It was more than time for me to get a haircut. The last time I had one was in Sao Paulo, somewhere early March, almost three months ago. The haircut was good fun especially because I got the chance of listening to the news on the radio. I had heard from several people how bad the radio news and television programmes in Suriname were but I never had the chance to hear or see it. It was indeed hilarious. Topics were simply to long and so childish and unprofessional that I thought it was a satire instead of serious news. Breaking news was that some big insurance company had bought a copying machine and we had to be informed who had made the first copy as well. Because I was laughing my head off I almost had my ears cut off.

I finally had time to buy and send some postcards and do some reserach on the internet about the country to come, Guyana. In the mean while I enjoyed the excellent and famous chicken satay of bar/restaurant ´t Vat and also had an excellent Snert (Dutch peas soup) next door. In Chevays restaurant, next door to my guesthouse I had tried the excellent Surinamese chicken already. Surinamese food is so good and tasty! Sometimes it even sounds good too. The last day I ordered Gele Pesie Moks-Alesie. Just the sound of that name was the reason why I ordered it and it tasted good as well. Smoked chicken, salt meat, fried fish and all that cooked with rice and yellow peas. Sounds awful? Go to Chevays in Paramaribo and try it for yourself!

On monday I met Marcel again who would introduce me to an Alex. Alex was about 60 years old and was living in Apura. Apura is on the Corenthine River which separates Suriname from Guyana. There is a road to Apura through the jungly interior of Suriname but there is no transport. It must have been my lucky weeks because Alex only came to The City once a month and he was now, returning to Apura on wednesday. Of course I took the opportunity to go off the beaten track, as if there are any real beaten tracks in the country. Alex would pick me up between 10:00 and 11:00 this wednesday. Cool!

It was time to get some new anti malaria tablets. My expensive Malarone tablets, costing about 5 euros each were going to finish next week and I wanted to try the infamous Lariam causing so many excting side effects to most people that I wanted to see what it would do to me. Lariam was much cheaper at 3 euros per tablet and only has to be taken once a week instead of Malarone which had to be taken daily! The pharmacist who had studied at the University of Amsterdam was good fun and asked me where I was going. he wanted to read about my experiences in all those countries and asked for my website.

I had called Nancy on monday already but she was not felling very well to return the luggage that I had stored at her place. She brought it back on tuday afternoon and we had a drink near the most expensive hotel in Paramaribo, Torarica, after which Nancy showed me the hotel grounds which were indeed very pleasant.

Right at the time that Nancy dropped me back home Liesbeth and Diana arrived at my guesthouse. We promised to meet eachother for dinner and for returning the money they had borrowed from me at Atjoni. We had dinner at ´t Vat and they had developed and printed the pictures of our trip to the interior already. I got a few very nice copies of them with the three of us bathing in the sula at Djoemoe. It was a nice evening while we reflected on our trip, mt trip to come and their trip home later that week.

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