Cacao, French Guiana
4° 35' N 52° 28' W
May 08, 2004 23:30
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Cacao (8 - 9 May 2004)

The following day the rain continued for ever and it started to bore me as much as you get bored by reading it all the time. But really, it had not been dry for more then 3 hours in one stretch since I arrived in the country. Nothing wrong with relaxing and doing nothing but breaking your head about how to solve the complex version of Solitaire. Around noon it seemed a bit dry and I decided to walk back towards the main road and have a drink at the top restaurant half way on the mountain pass. The view from there was amazing though. The green carpet extended as far as the eye could see and with the rain clouds between the hills the scenery was like the Lost World. Nobody there. The cola was expensive of course, but hey, it is France.

The lift back was more welcome then the lifts I was offered on the way up, because it started to rain once again. In the supermarket I bought some fire starters and a kilo can Chili con Carne for 4.50 euro, saving me a few euros for dinner later that evening.

Sunday was market day in Cacao and after breakfast I descended the hill once again. Market had started early, as usual. It was a really small market but it was nice. A few places selling superb Laotian food, some people sold obscure healing drinks and herbal drinks for all different kind of physical problems. The traditional weavings, identical to the ones sold in Laos were for sale too. A weaving, which would cost maybe 5 euros in Laos was priced for 100 Euros and there were actually no souvenirs cheaper than 15 euros. Incredible. Even more incredible was the fact that some people actually buy these things although I did not see anyone buying any of the expensive weavings.

After a bami for lunch, for 6 euros the cheapest food to be found, I climbed the hill home for the last time and picked up my backpack. The sun was shining and the weather seemed excellent, just like it had been most of the morning so far. A good day for hitchhiking, I thought. I should not have thought. The minute I was down in the village again the clouds came in within two minutes and 30 seconds later it was raining again, making a big mess of the main street. I hid under the roof of a school on the road out of town. I would be there for two hours, but I did not know that when I arrived of course.

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