Marabá, Brazil
5° 20' S 49° 6' W
Apr 26, 2004 23:16
Distance 675km

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Maraba (26 April - 27 April 2004)

If you want travel stress you must check in Hotel Casa Grande. I wanted to have my passport and my money from the safe the following morning at 6:45 when I got up. The owner with the key was not in the hotel and would arrive around 8:00. My train leaves at 8:00 AM! So they called the owner who showed up at 7:30. I called the taxi, which arrived at 7:40 and I arrived at the train station at 7:55, just in time to buy a ticket and some drinks and snacks before collapsing in the freezing airconditioned executive class wagon.

Amazing, for the price of only R44.50 you get an airconditioned train for 738 km in Brazil. Ten televisions in the wagon showed endless health and travel programs about the region. I would have preferred a good movie or two to be honest but it was at least some entertainment. The scenery was the usual palm savannah of which I have seen plenty by now. It was a poor region with not much population. Only here and there were some mud hut houses grouped together as small villages. The train stopped about 8 times or so and served the best food I have ever had on a train. Mmm, well, maybe the train in Patagonia just beats this one. Anyway, the extensive menu was excellent and even I had no complaints.

Arriving in the darkness of the night in Maraba which was not even mentioned in my guidebook as neither was the train trip was exciting. I jumped in one of the dodgy taxis which I shared with three others. 10 reals for the 6 km trip to the bus station was not too expensive for me and I was happy to be an area with more light again. I bought a ticket for the bus to Belem for the following day, which left at the excellent time of 10:00 AM. Perfect.

Hotel Carajaras across from the rodoviaria was excellent value, especially after I had bargained it down from R40 to R30, bringing it back into my price range again. Both room and buffet breakfast were excellent. To add a bit of excitement to my travel I decided to break one glass of my glasses in the shower when I dropped my glasses on the floor. Shit! With three vertical cracks in the right glass it looked as if I had been shot in the eye. I could still see through it more or less but the three peices could fall out of the frame anytime. Shit!

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