Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Mar 14, 2004 21:57
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Praia unknown & Copacabana (14 March 2004)

DonĀ“t ask why, but we left for the beach at 7:30. We is Valeria, Lou, Marie and het brazilian boyfriend Washington. The drive took about an hour or so and I got a second impression of the city which has an interesting lay out. The first impression, from the bus from the bus station was not very impressive as went through some obscure and not very interesting streets. Rio de Janeiro is crammed in between and around all sorts of hills and steep mountains that almost reach the ocean. The street system is highly irregular because of this, something I had not seen for a long time.

The beach, about 10 km south of the city I guess, was nice enough, although it got quite busy later in the morning. The waves were quite big, scaring me again like in Mozambique. I did not want to lose my glasses again, so I did not go to far in the reasonably cold ocean. We spent until after 13:00 on the beach and then it got really hot. Time to leave.

Back in town, which took another hour, I took the metro to Copacabana and spent the rest of the afternoon there, lingering through its busy streets and along the beach. It was sunday, so some part of the avenue along the beach was closed and there was a market with mainly tourist junk and art. The 4.5 km long wide beach, the most famous in the world, was good enough but the rest of Copacabana is nothing more than an expensive residential area with high flats hotels and restaurants. To be honest, it does not have too much atmosphere. Dirty, busy streets, too many buses and of course plenty of tourists, both local and international.

Back in Flamengo I went to the same restaurant as I usually do when I have found a good one in a town, had a good dinner and went home to fall asleep around 11 pm on the sofa with the view in the living room.