São Paulo, Brazil
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Mar 13, 2004 21:56
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Sao Paulo (10 - 13 March 2004)

It does not happen very often. Actually it has not happened at all so far during my all my travels. Apparently it is possible as I found out this week. Sao Paulo is about the most uninteresting big city in the world. 17 million people, but absolutely nothing that has to be seen on any trip to Brasil. Sao Paulo is a big business city and a big business city only. No great architecture, no atmosphere.

The first museum I visited was the MASP, an ugly museum, with three floors of which 1.5 were closed. One floor had European art, mostly paintings from French and Italian painters, and of course a few good old Vincent Van Goghs to make me feel home. Feeling home is about the only thing I don´t want, otherwise I would be there and not here, true or not? The other half floor contained interesting brazilian art, mostly art photos from Sao Paulo, confirming my thought that there would not be really great architecture or nice areas in the city. The photos where mostly of simple people or objects in the city, photographed in a very arty way. Good shots! All in all the museum was not worth the 10 reals.

Wandering though the not really as dangerous streets as everybody is trying to tell you I did not find much more than a few small plazas without anything great. Estacao Luz was the only beautiful building but was being renovated.

The Pinacoteca was an impressive museum with many paintings, both old and very modern and contained beautiful sculptures as well. The small park in front of the museum, Parque Luz was about as nice as it gets in this big metropolis. More than two half days with rain forced me to hide insde which gave me the opportunity to catch up with some mail and my website. I also organised a free stay for Rio de Janeiro through the website www.hospitalityclub.org

All in all, Sao Paulo was good for a haircut, setting me back 5 reals only and doing the laundry which was rediculous expensive. 16 reals for washing and drying. 4.5 euros that is! I just washed it and let it dry for two days in my hotel room. I am Dutch after all. So, after 4 nights in Sao Paulo it was time to leave. The destination sounds exciting at least, Rio de Janeiro, here I come!

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