Puerto Natales, Chile
51° 44' S 72° 31' W
Dec 25, 2003 19:45
Distance 192km

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Puerto Natales (25 - 26 December 2003)

I changed my mind and decided not to stay another whole day in Punta Areans. Christmas or not I took a bus on Christmas Day and left in the afternoon for Puerto Natales, but not after having called home to wish my parents and grandfather a Merry Christmas. The three and a half-hour bus trip was shortened to two and a half because the driver drove 130 km on average instead of the normal 100. Scary and a few times I thought we would flip over.

It was probably not my time to die yet so I got of the bus and walked the 50 meters to Residencial Bernarditta, where I had made a reservation earlier that morning. They remembered me and I got my old room. What was for Christmas dinner? Well, I expected that I had to go to a simple restaurant again, despite the fact that my rooms comes with shared kitchen. But what to cook if all supermarkets are closed? Well that was what I thought. One of the three supermarkets was open! Unbelievable in such a Catholic country. Of course it was the worst supermarket that was open but I managed to make tacos, off all things. Normally the package was meant for at least 4 people but I managed to eat them all but one. Yes, I am getting fat these days. Where is the food poisoning a la India when you need them?Well, it tasted nice and that is all that counts!

Puerto Natales is just a stop-over on my way to El Calafate in Argentina, so I bought a ticket at the bus company around the corner, Bus Sur is the only one with a semi-decent departure time at 9:00 in the morning, so for 15.000 pesos I bought a ticket for the 5 hour trip. Expensive but it is a bit too far (285 kilometers or so), too walk.