Adelaide, Australia
34° 56' S 138° 36' E
Dec 15, 2004 01:04
Distance 1003km

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Why take to the sky!

The journey to Adelaide was a rather convoluted one even by my flying-avoidance standards. We took a bus to the ferry terminal which was driven by a would-be tour guide - every dam, power station, poppy field, and sheep had a story behind it and he had plenty of anecdotes to tell us about past passengers. On the ferry we were really tired so we opted to get a cabin, which was really nice. There wasn't a great deal to do onboard the 12-hour journey, but I did win $35 on pokies!
To get to Adelaide we took the Firefly Express, which wasn't very express at all - it took 10 hours. However, we were provided with plenty of amusement in the form of the 'Firefly Express safety video' which had a ridiculous jingle that can only be appreciated when you imagine that it was being screeched in a very deep South accent: "Whaaaaay take to the skaaaaaay, when you can Firefly!". I'm sure Patrick will be more than happy to oblige if anyone wants to hear it.
Lots of people had told us not to bother going to Adelaide - true, there wasn't really anything to see there, but it had plenty of good bars and restaurants and I can see why people say it offers the best quality of life in Australia. It seemed relaxed too - the film we went to see started half an hour late, the bus went half an hour late, even my GP appointment was running half an hour late. It wasn't until three days later, when the ferry to Kangaroo Island was half an hour late, that Patrick and I twigged there is a time difference between Melbourne and Adelaide and finally changed our watches. (Prior to this we had been convinced we had been kidnapped by aliens in the night and that was why both our watches showed different times to all the clocks.)
Further discouragement of me going to Tennant Creek occurred in Adelaide, the best response to me saying I was going to live there for a month being, "The mere mention of that name fills me with dread". Still, I am not easily dissuaded and will wait to see what Jon Cubitt has to say about it!
The highlight of our time in Adelaide was when we went to bingo... at a posh bar. Even stranger was that the DJ was also the bingo caller. At least he seemed to be about the right age for it (see picture). Patrick won twice but had failed to cross his numbers off properly so didn't realise it until I pointed out, "Didn't you have all those numbers," (I know you'll refute that Patrick but yes, that is what happened!).

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Weird DJ at bingo night! Patrick in a pub in Adelaide