Arches National Park, United States
38° 42' N 109° 33' W
Nov 21, 2010 06:00
Distance 98km

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Arches National Park

I've been to Arches once before, but Arches is so vast that it it would probably take you a whole week just to see it all. 

Today we almost did all of the Devil's garden loop. We were able to see Landscape arch, Partition Arch, Double 'O' Arch and probably a couple others that I can't remember right now.

Afterwards we went shopping for the next two weeks! 

 I am super excited for Thanks Giving well... actually what I have planned after Thanksgiving. Right now the plans are to leave Friday evening and stay at the Holiday Inn in Glenwood Springs and due to our friend Justin who works at the local Holiday Inn here was able to get us a slight discount. Since we don't make much money in Americorp we always have to be careful and budget smartly. It's  probably going to come out to 20 bucks a night  and we have about 5 people ... (for all you math people thats 4 bucks a night so 2 nights equals a total of 8 bucks!!! 

 Then tomorrow I'm looking into booking a 3 hour cave tour that includes 1crawling and 2 getting very dirty. While getting to see tons of different sights that most people do not get a chance to see. I just hope they still have slots open. That will cost about 60 bucks tho per person... butttt i think we can manage. :)

Thats all for now! 

Below are a bunch of pictures  from Arches


And heres a video! from on top of a ridge 



Photos / videos of "Arches National Park":

Landscape Arch Walking along the trail The team Hiking Darn it forgot to rotate this one :( The sign for Partition arch Looking through Partition arch Partition Arch from afar yea theres kind of like 2 of them The smaller of Partition Arch :) The group Testing the timer on my phone! worked out even tho i think it focused on the rocks in front
Looking at Landscape Arch from the top of a ridge we climbed up onto A neat beefier Arch forget its name :(