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Nov 03, 2010 18:00
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Basically the best day yet..


Yesterday I had basically completely free due to other people receiving HAZWHOPPER (sp) training. Some like HAZMAT but sounds like its for when "The King" crashes his Burger King truck on his way to a delivery. 

Yesterday I did have to wake up at 520ish to be ready for my baseline test at 530 to 630. This included as many pushups as you could do in 2 minutes. As many sit ups as you could do in 2 minutes. A 1.5 mile run. And a sit and reach for flexibility. I forget my exact counts but i think I got about 35 to 40 push ups maybe 50 situps. I know I got 1046 on my 1.5 mile which I was kind of bummed about cause I only improved 10 seconds and alot of other people improved alot more. 50 seconds or 2 minutes even. Then I think I got 21.5 on the sit and reach.

After that I took a much deserved nap then woke up around 813 and went Rock Climbing with Allison, Cali, and Trisha for about 3 hours. It was def a great time. I climbed up to a 5.10c i think. Actually I almost finished the 5.10c but my arms died very close to the top and it got to the point where I could barely lift them over my head. I'm sure I could have done it if it wasn't the last one of the day.

 Then we came back and I relaxed a little worked on a take home NCCC policy test and also for a briefing presentation that we have today. My part is on what we want to learn when working on our project. Also, what I am going to do as the groups peer helper during the 5 week spike  down in Utah.

 Then the best part yet!! I was throwing around (the frisbee what else would I throw around?) and a fireman guy (they train fireman/women here for fighting the fires in Cali and such) came and threw a little bit with us as well.  We got to talking and he said he could get 15 to 20 people out tm for a game around 430. So we came showed up around 430 and played a small game of just Americorp members of 4 on 4. Then eventually his group of people straggled in around 530. Till we had a solid 8 on 7! We played until the sun went down. Many of them did not have much Ultimate experience however they still were very athletic. One of my favorite parts of the game was when I would throw a hammer and they would be like 'Whooaaa what was that??? So kind of tomahawk throw?" 

 O and on top of it it was the other teams turn to make food for the evening so after Ultimate I was able to go and sit down to a nice meal of spaghetti and salad and chicken rice soup yummmmm :) 

 This will probably be my last post in awhile tomorrow is our induction ceremony and then right after that we are out of here! en route to salt lake city where we are going spend the night and then to Green River Utah!


Peace out Girl Scouts!