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Oct 31, 2010 23:23
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Not gonna lie Life is good :)

Quick facts:


Going to Green River Utah Thursday right after Induction around 10:00

On Friday I colored about 54 Children's heads of hairs blue, orange, or red and combinations there of. With an option Glitter spray choice as well! :)

 On Saturday I filled at least 127 water balloons for a water balloons, visited a place called Safetyville with miniture/medium sized buildings of all sorts. (Videos to come!!!)

 Went down town and watched/did a lil kareokee (sp?) Saw some pertty awesome costumes!! Weird walking around town passing my Spok, where's Waldo, and King Lionitis (from 300) all on the same street! :) def a good time.

So far ive done 14 hours of isp!! only 66 more to go. :)


Friday I helped out in running the haunted house that we set up. My job was in the carnival portion of the event (not scary) and I was at the hair spraying station. After a couple heads i started enjoying myself at first i was a little nervous not really coming from a background with the most hair spraying experience. However, by the end of the night I had made my way to making multicolored spirals on shaved heads to streaks of red blue and orange. I think one of my favorite parts was spraying the glitter even tho it smelled bad.


Then on Saturday I went another Halloween type event made for children with special needs such as Autism. It was open to anyone though. While we were there we helped to set up for the event and then half of us ran a "throw the water balloon at a scarecrow' station while the other half helped facilitate a "whiffle ball toss" (kind of like bean bag toss)

Here are some videos to show you what all went down. In the video with the water balloons are 2 team mates of mine Matt and Zach and in the other video are Asya and Trisha both not teammates but none the less absolutely awesome people. That Isp was also one I led. Which means I organized it, did the researched and asked people to sign up.

Im not sure if i can post the videos here they may appear later in the journal....

Also, on Friday as part of our training for community mapping we did a scavenger hunt in Sacramento. This resulted in walking around Sacramento finding different buildings and such. Along with a small look into the capital building. (Sacramento is the capital of California)  


So I guess thats about all for now so stoked to use my camera and have more pics and videos for you guys to check out as you read!! Feel free to message me or call/txt about any questions, suggestions or comments you may have about blog.

 One of the videos of safetyville


Photos / videos of "Not gonna lie Life is good :)":

Asya and Trisha sitting on a mini bench in Safetyville. Giant Finnish Rabbit that was also at the Halloween event in Safetyville During the scavenger hunt on Friday one team randomly all somehow acquired tetris costumes of various sizes. ha :) The capital building of Sacramento. (Unfortunately the governator was not in today. :( Inside the capital Allison Asya and Trisha rockin the Kareokee