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Oct 18, 2010 07:55
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San Fransisco!!!

So this last week I went ot San Fransisco!

Turns out its really cheap to rent a vehicle and I qualify to get a military discount for being in Americorp!!

 This was a small play by play of the weekend:

Sat woke up at 700. Learned how to drive and parellel park a 15 passenger van. Then rented a 5 passenger impalla and drove to SanFransisco!

While in San Fran I saw:

Japan Town Got a bunch of Japanese stuff!!! Did Japanese photo boths. A drink with giant tapioca balls in it Ate in authentic style Japanese resturants.

 Saw the Golden Gate Bridge!

Saw giant Yellow slugs bigger than my finger.

Went to the Pacific ocean and unintentional put my feet in the pacific ocean while I was climbing on rocks and a big wave came.

 I'll add more details later to this post I just am going to a camp called Mindesino next week and I wont be near technology till thursday when I come back.

We ended up renting a car and going into SanFransisco and splitting the cost 5 ways making it real cheap. We had no idea where we were going to stay when we were driving down there and were prepared to make it a day trip if we needed to. All of the hostels and such were full because of a marathon that was happening that weekend. Long story short there was a hostel that had a couple more openings that was right accross the Golden Gate Bridge. So we ended up staying in a pertty awesome hostel right out side the city located in some state park. We almost hit a mule deer on the way there. We were going at night so we also got to see the Golden Gate bridge at night when we went across then in the day when we came back to San Fran. But before we left we walked to the beach along a  neat nature trail. It was really kewl to see the waves crashing up on the shore and Id love to go back there when its warmer out and try to walk along the beach since its blocked by rocks at some points. O we also went into a town called SAUSALITO. It was a small quaint ocean side town I got to do some Christmas Shopping and we also got lunch. Apparently there is a high Danish population in Cali the dinner we stayed at had an Danish food page to their menu and I got Curry Herring (Karry Sild in Danish) its Curry Herring with a boiled egg and apples. Surprisingly it tasted Awesome and it was beautifully garnished and such. pictures to come. Then we went over to Haight and Ashbury street where there are basically a bunch of hippy stores, music shoppes and quirky stores. Then we came back from San Fran and called it a day.

 O I forgot to say that at Japan town (Sat night) really reminded my of when we were in Japan with my family back when I was 14. The resturants were the same style. (where they have actual representations of what the food looks like out front the shop and the menu in the window. It really helped me too since I cant read Japanese :) I think I might have tried fried eel to but I honestly wasn't sure what part of the dish it was.

 Another thing in San Fran the Hills and REDICULOUS!!! Im talking about the roads that are on these roads. We passed a theme park on the way to San Fran and people jokingly really wanted to stop but to their dismay i kept on driving. Little did we know going over the hills in San Fransisco would give us our adrinaline fix for the day. Never in an Automatic car did I have to use both of my feet to go up a hill. One for the break and the other for the gas cuz if you didnt give it enough gas youd prolly roll back down the way you came. (least it felt that way) I guess that might break the trans or something now that I think about it. Anyways it was intense. Here are some videos I found that give you a little prespective of the hill.

 If you dont have much more time I would at least listen to this Highly entertaining bit Bill Cosby did on San Fransiscos hills

Click on 'Driving in San Fransisco'

And I was on that road he was talking about but it had a red light and not a stop sign its crazy i tell yoou!

Anyways i gotta go its almost 11 and I still have to vaccuume my room still and tidy up for room inspections ... yea  they do that here.

Bye! Thanks for reading!

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