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Day 1 of new teams and real PT

So yesterday we got our teams that we will be on for the rest of the year. I was not pleased with the process... We were lied to many times throughout the day. They felt it necessary to not let us know until the very last minute that we were being given teams. Right now you may be able to tell I still have a little malice towards the whole process. Some examples of deceit are as follows:

 Our Pod leader gave us a schedule until Saturday. This means everything after Wednesday was pretty much bogus.

We were told by a unit leader that the meeting after supper was going to be short and quick... it turned out to be a long drawn out process of string in envelopes and a scavenger hunt withing our new team to find our leader who was somewhere on campus. I am not mad with the process of how they sorted us out. I think the scavenger hunt is a good idea for new teammates to get to know each other. However, I feel as though they could do the same thing without lying to us in the beginning. 

 While we were eating supper that night there were rumors going around that we were finding out who our teams were going to be. We asked a team leader who was handing out the pizza and both of them so no straight to our faces. Which means they both lied straight to our faces. 

 There were flyers put up throughout the campus about a social event that was happening that night (which just happened to be glow in the dark Ultimate which made it doubly distressing.) Later that night we find out it was all just a ruse.

I am comfortable with being flexible and I believe I understand some of their reasoning for withholding information. However, I believe that there has to be a better way to do it without the lies and deceit. Our own team leader said that she will most likely be lying to us throughout the year and that she is sorry. If we cannot trust her or the unit leaders and such who can we trust? There has been a couple times when I have asked questions and have gotten side stepping answers and evading responses. 

 Again, I understand that last minute date changes, quick changes of plans, and being all around flexible are all part of this program. And I can handle that. However, I believe all of this can be accomplished without the lying and deceit. I would rather have them say I'm sorry I can't tell you that right now, than lie to us and have our trust be broken later.


Aside from the lying, dishonesty and deceit that happened this past night, I am overall happy with the program thus far.

On a lighter note my team seems nice so far. Some pros of my team that I learned in about 10 minutes of talking with them:

One guy is already a firefighter (O by the way I found out I am on the FMT after all! Fire Management Team) 

 One girl is a Pastry major (something to do with baking) which will def come in handy later.

One guy is totally into Ultimate! Hope to play in some tournaments this year!

Another girl not only has a car on campus BUT has already used it to drive to goodwill and get a whole bunch of cheap stuff. (something I have been trying to figure out how to do) For some silly reason I only brought about 5 t-shirts and I just want to go to good will and get a couple more.

 Ok I think its my turn to take a shower then its off to breakfast! Looking forward to learning more about my team!

 Ill try to update later with more happier entries. :) Other than this past night its been a great experience.