Miami Beach, United States
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Aug 06, 2010 19:53
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A day late, several dollars short, ready for fun!

After paying for the extra hotel night, overpriced meals and snacks at the airport, surrendering two, large bottles of fine Oregon microbrew at security the next day and arriving to Miami an entire day later (was on standby for the earlier flight, but didn't get on) I was seriously ready to forget about planes and bad weather and jacked up prices and just let the fun finally begin!

Luckily, my friends Elisa and Alessandro had rented a car for their last week two weeks in Miami, so they were able to pick me up and get the party started... By the time they got me down to South Beach and Ocean Dr, where my hostel was, the area was really hopping.  After checking in and dropping off my bag at the Decowalk Hostel, we set off on a evening stroll along historic Espanola Way and the very upscale Lincoln Rd Mall.  With the neon lights, palm trees, music and people everywhere - oh, and about 85 degrees and 95% humidity! - I was definitely feeling the South Beach vibe...

Looking for filling, but inexpensive food, we ended up at a popular sushi/yakitori shop and stuffed ourselves for about $15 each. Elisa and Ale weren't familiar with edamame, inari-zushi or gyoza, so I had to get them up to speed on some of my favorite Japanese foods. Washed it all down with a cold Asahi beer... Soooo good!

We spent the rest of the evening trolling Lincoln Road Mall, with its palm trees, beautiful people and overpriced shops and then walking back down Ocean Dr.  Such an awesome atmosphere down there on the beach!


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YAY!  Finally, here in Miami with Ale and Elisa! The lovely lights of Espanola Way And we end up at a late night sushi shop Wasn't expecting this... ...but it was yum!