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Aug 02, 2010 19:49
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Back in P-Town

As soon as I flew in to PDX, Monday morning, I caught the Max train heading into the city and rode it all the way through to Hillsboro on the other end of the line.  It took about 90 mins, so I'm glad I had my book along... my best college buddy, Lynnie, and two of her six children came to pick me up and bring me back to their home, on 23 acres of wooded hillside in Gales Creek, Oregon.

They had just returned from their beach house in Garibaldi the night before with a cooler full of crab, so the afternoon was filled with crab cleaning, picking and, of course, eating! The next day we headed to the library to see 'BJ's Magic Show' - a funny clown-like older man who just captivates kids and adults alike.  He had us all busting up... 

Staying with the Hertel clan is always a fun, crazy time.  This year they have not one, not two, but EIGHT kitties (two older kittens, plus a momma cat and her five babies) and Nimbus, the ever faithful hunting dog, who sleeps down with the kitties and acts like they are his own. I was in animal heaven!

Photos / videos of "Back in P-Town":

CRAB!  Fresh from the Oregon Coast! Freshly dug up red potatoes from the Hertel's massive garden Lyn shows Annie, the little cooker, how to clean potatoes.  Always a good skill to have! Oh, such a fitting little headband for Gracie! Annie is ready to clean crab! Cleaned and ready to pick Jim and oldest sis, Katie, get home and join us in picking crab - although an awful lot got nibbled along the way! And a marinated elk steak, for good measure... got nine people to feed, after all! Look at Gracie happy little face... =D Yum, yum! Morning, silly kiddos John's getting those long legs like his dad... good for running on the soccer field Gracie! Reprise of yesterday's horns Good morning, Annie and Libby! A 'BJ's Magic Show' he gets one of the kids to twirl three plates... not bad! Let's all get wild and crazy! Do a little dance! BJ and John-John Sam and Gracie needed some time outside... libraries are too quiet! Gracie getting her ya-ya's out Gracie and the tree And how big is it? THIS big! And of course, the animals... Marshmallow and Poo Bear - the teenagers Tinkerbell and her five babies So cute! Vino! Lynnie's getting out the good stuff! =P