Kraków, Poland
51° 44' N 18° 30' E
Jul 26, 2010 23:41
Distance 560km

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Lesson of Krakow?

I am sitting here in the old Jewish Quarters of Krakow reflecting on what I’ve seen and experienced, at the Schindler museum, Auschwitz and the greater extent of Eastern Europe. I wanted to ‘coin’ Krakow along the lines of delivering…..(antonym of racism) from Krakow to the world. I could not get the language right. ‘Tolerance’ is obvious, but yet even tolerance leaves a taste of difference and even distain in my mouth. This isn’t what I’ve taken from Krakow. I then realised the answer is acceptance and to truly accept something is to love. Funny that, it is the exact train of thought that the old wise man Buddha taught in his lessons of compassion. So.....the lesson of compassion has been delivered from Krakow. Anti-semitism is cured with compassion.



Beyond the sobering legacy of WW2 remnants, Maree and I really enjoyed the city. Maree found some of the best European vintage shops yet, I loved the hip alternate/counter culture seen, with the record shops and bars with art installations. I got by blog cover photo of the 10cc record here. Our hostel we stayed in was named ‘Good bye Lenin’ and was full of fun people. James and Mykia notably. 


Krakow on a urban note was a ease of mobility. Getting around this city with its integrated trams, trains and buses was a pleasure. We arrived by bus, walk out of the bus station past the central train station via underground walk way to the tram station, and all in 5 minutes. I think Brisbane would really prosper with better inner city transport, like the trams of the European cities.

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[image] Our Hostel Good Bye Lenin [image] [image] Schindler Museum Schindler Museum Schindler Museum Schindler Museum Schindler Museum Schindler Museum Auschwitz Zyklon-B gas canisters used at Auschwitz The first gas chamber at  Auschwitz Castle wall Krakow Classic tram central Krakow Castle Krakow Castle Krakow Tracks leading into Auschwitz 2 Birkenau Castle wall Krakow Gate house Auschwitz 2 Birkenau Auschwitz electric fence