Belfast, United Kingdom
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Aug 07, 2010 20:08
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Return to Belfast


At 1340hrs we reluctantly departed the BMI Arrivals Lounge and headed downstairs to departures to go through security once again.  We had onward boarding passes so all we had to do was to pass through the metal detectors (belts off, dispose of water etc) and get our photographs taken.  The photographs proved more problematic in that the bar codes on our Jordanian issued boarding passes did not work.  A member of staff worked on the problem and eventually solved it and put another bar code on our boarding passes.  Anyway this seemed to keep the next checkpoint happy where photographs and passports are checked.  In between the girls had an opportunity to buy a magazine in the shopping area and I had a quick look at Dixon’s as my Canon 20D appears to be on its last legs.  I forgot to mention that security queues were very short today which made traversing Heathrow a treat.  

We entered the BMI (UK & Ireland) Lounge just after 1405hrs and settled down to wait for our flight (BD 088) to Belfast City Airport.  The effects of travel, disrupted sleep and too much food and drink over the past few hours persuaded me to be somewhat restrained regarding imbibing in this Lounge.  I only had one small Guinness, a bag of crisps, nuts and a few crackers with cheese.  A glass of Scottish mineral water was rather more welcome than any other kind of beverage.  I was ready to head for home.  

Our flight, BD 088 was unfortunately running late.  We should have departed at 1530hrs but it was nearly 1600hrs before staff in the Business Lounge announced that we should board.  I had been watching the screens and 20 minutes prior to this I noted a gate change from 8 (next door) to 77 (unknown) and in red letters ‘flight closing’.  Lounge staff assured us (and other passengers) that the flight had not been called so the notice must be wrong.  As it turned out we had a mad dash to Gate 77 which was a long walk away and were further held up en route when access was blocked to allow arriving passengers to pass (a rather bizarre arrangement).  At the Gate they were indeed on final call and assured us that the screen instructions were correct.  Oh well at least we made the flight.  

As it turned out we were in for a little hurry up and wait session as the take off slot for our aircraft meant another 40 minute delay.  But at least we were finally heading for home.  To see all the planes queued to take off certainly proved that Heathrow is a very conjested airport.    

BMI no longer has a full business class service to Belfast.  Instead we were rated as Flexible Economy with a free sandwich & drink and seats at the front of the plane.  The only real difference being that the economy passengers have to pay for their sandwiches and drinks.  Anyway the flight was painless and we arrived back in Belfast shortly before 1800hrs.  We were fortunate in that our luggage followed us to Belfast and that from the airport it is a simple taxi ride home without the need to barter over fares!


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Ailsa Burnett enjoying an apple in the BMI Arrivals Lounge, London Heathrow Airport.