Tegucigalpa, Honduras
14° 6' N 87° 13' W
May 27, 2010 03:56
Distance 224km

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Bye bye Utila, pitstop in Tegucigalpa

Another long day travelling today. We are woken up by the sound of the alarm at the ungodly hour of 4.40am! Joe and I still needed to pack and be on the ferry at 6.20am from the main dock in Utila back to La Ceiba. I was not relishing the thought for the trip back. Joe and I were getting used to island life and didn't really want to leave and of course the boat itself is not a smooth ride. A quick peek out the room is rewarded with a beautiful sunrise of gorgeous crimson colours..We sumble over each other in a sleepy state and manage to get everything in some resemblance of order and head out the door (aroung 6.10am).

Its nice and quiet on the road, no bikes and golf carts speeding back and forth, the buildings look rested and ready to go. The supermarket is suprisingly open at this time. 'Bushes' Supermarket on the main street is the only one we found to sell agua de coco with no sugar added, just straight out of the coconut and bottled, delicious. We had been bugging them all week to get more in and we were finally rewarded just before leaving. A nice eskie filled with ice and bottles of the amber nectar :-). we buy two big bottles for the journey and walk hurridly to the dock.

We get to the boat around 6.18..phew! We see Sulke and Sarah have made it too. The boat ride is just over an hour and its another journey of bumpy water and a slight queezy feeling! When we get into the dock we can see a queue of taxis all waiting patiently to rip us off on the fare to the bus terminal. So me, Joe, Sulke and Sarah walk off in defiance to get a bus. We dont get very far as another driver bargains with us until we decide L25 each isn't terrible...so we all jump in! The cab ride from La Ceiba port to the bus terminal is around ten minutes. Joe and I are heading south to Nicaragua and the other two are going West to Lago de Yojoa.

We arrange our ticket to Tegucigalpa (L217). The bus journey will take around eight hours. We look around for some breakfast. A nice looking comedor is found just opposite, as we peer in a portly man pipes up 'adelante, adelante!, a nice welcome. I have a desayuno típico: egg (fried and fresh), cheese (deilcious -maybe home made), beans (oh yeah tasty beans), cream (not to sure of its purpose) and toast (because were a bit over-tortilla-ed right now). Joe had fried chicken with his (and we got more!) which was the best we've had. Lots of chicken, tasty flavoursome coating and not greasy at all. All was washed all down with a nice hot milky coffee. The breakfast of champions! We manage to say bye to the girls before dragging ourselves to the waiting room. We don't wait long. The bus arrives and we begin our long long bus journey.

We stop a few times on the way down and always eat well! There are always people hoping on the bus with snacks or bringing them up to the window. The main lunch stop had us chowing down on beautifully cooked chicken in a cassorole type sauce (tender and juuicy), potatoes cookied in a creamy cheesy sauce, rice and more torilla. We also try some yuka in garlic and salt.

I pass the time by snoozing and reading. Tegucigalpa I learn is not the most safest place to stay and especially not where the bus stops. We select Hotal Plaza Real and don't hang about, cab is straight there. This hotel was recommended in the LP quide. Its ok, double room with priviate bath (L250), free water and coffee. It is not particularly clean but it has a nice courtyard and is next to 'Todos de pollo' comedor...which is the next stop. For L120 we get chicken (not as good as this morning), stefado (juicy tender lamb in a meaty, corriander sauce, beans (roak on!) and egg on top with rice, water andyou guess it more tortillas. Damn good food that unfortunately I can only nibble at as i feel unwell.  Another long day tomorrow but an exciting new country (hopefully?) by the end of the day!

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